Conveyor Belts JP 350

Conveyor Belts JP 350

The model JP350 Tape is ideal for combined work, both for bulk cargo such as carrying bags. His band 340mm wide with rubber studs 55 mm high make high strength to move bags over her. This tape for bulk cargo yields between 40/50 T / H and thanks to the rubber pads can work with sharp angles without the material returns.

Additional information

40 to 50 Tons/hour


To load bulk material and hauling bags


From 7 and 9 meters long


Varies depending on length.


: 2 . structural Arms pipes reinforced 80mm x 40mm system sheaves to reduce force

Structure of duct

Composed of 2 reinforced tubes, one at the bottom, which is closed and is where you drag the bulk material and one at the top by which carries the bags.

Head Tensor

construction Chapa 1/8 "reinforced . I own a rolo 240mm in diameter made of cast aluminum.

Head control

: Built in Chapa 1/8 "reinforced. Rolo has a 240mm diameter and chevronado gummed so that the belt does not slip


Mounted on 1 (one) shaft made of structural pipe of 50 x 50 x 4.76 mm. Wheels 14 or 15 ".


Lifting by manual winch.


: A strap 340mm. wide with rubber blades 55 mm high


With electric motor or combustion engine PTO

Loading and Unloading

Punt reception spout and tray to unload the bags.

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    Buenas tardes, quería saber cual es el precio de la cinta de 9 mts forma de pago contado. Si incluye el envío, soy de Charata – Chaco.

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