Conveyor Belts CT 330

Conveyor Belts CT 330

The model CT330 Tape is ideal for transporting bulk material as any type of fertilizer as the product goes on the band. This band has 350mm wide and yields between 40/50 T / H, depending on the inclination to work. Its chassis does not exceed 35 degrees work for the material begins to return.

Additional information

40 to 50 tons/hour


To load bulk material and / or fertilizer


From 7, 9, 11, 13 , 15, 17 meters long


Varies depending on length


2 . structural Arms pipes reinforced 80mm x 40mm system sheaves to reduce force

Structure of conduit

Composed of 2 tubes reinforced, one at the bottom of 2mm thickness and is where the band turns on rollers 50mm diameter pellets and one on top of 3.1 mm thickness by which the material is transferred in bulk.

Head tensor

Tensor construction veneer 1/8 "reinforced. Rolo has a 120mm diameter and for which the band is tightened. It also has 2 rollers that shape the band to enter in a "U" to the conduit and prevent friction.

Head control

Built in Chapa 1/8 "reinforced. Has a roller 120mm and / or 240mm in diameter gumming and chevronado depending on how long is the tape so that the band does not slip.


Mounted on 1 (one) shaft made of structural pipe of 50 x 50 x 4.76 mm


Through winch manual


: Band 350mm wide with square drawings (Gofrada)


With electric motor, hydraulic or PTO

Loading and Unloading

Punt reception outlet nozzle.

Reviews (6)
  1. Javier

    Hola. Me decis precio de la CT 330 c motor hidraulico? de 7 metros y de 9 metros.

  2. javier nicoli

    Buen día, necesito presupuesto por una cinta transportadora para fertilizante de 9mts de largo, cual es el tiempo de entrega. Muchas gracias

  3. joaquin

    buenas necesito presupuesto de una cinta de 7mts hidraulico

  4. lopez yesca

    hola necesito un presupuesto de cinta trasportadora 30 ph

  5. Jorge Milanovich

    Favor de enviar presupuesto por cinta transportadora CT-330; largo: 13m, accionamiento: motor eléctrico.
    Consulta: Ustedas alquilan equipos?

  6. Ariel Giavino

    Hola precio y disponibilidad x cinta de 15 mts

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