The Sorter model CE2000, is special to clean grain to sow. Its circular shaking make it a distinctive machine in the market producing more and better quality seeds when talking Classification. Yields between 2/3 T / H Approximately fulfilling a brilliant performance to work on bags, bulk and filled hoppers.

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2 to 3 tons/hour


Cleaning the material to be sorted.


3000 mm long and 1850 mm wide and 2600mm high.


1300 kg. approx


reinforced chassis built in folded sheet 3/16 "thick, creating resistance for load. Its sides are removable and also have 3/16 "thick, this makes a reliable and resistant to travel on rough roads machine.


Constructed completely folded sheet 1.2mm thick providing strength and durability. º composed shakers other planes. This zarandon works with a system of shaking circular allowing the seed to find faster the hole in the sieve.


: Use spheres rubber 35mm diameter for cleaning the screens and that they do not get stuck.


the sorter comes with adaptation to the electric motor and the combustion engine. Factory machine comes equipped with a three – phase electric motor of 5.5 HP.


: Composed of 8 (eight) internal paddles balanced and a screen to regulate the air flow.


It comes incorporated with a bulk load tape . to belt 100 mm wide rubber paddles 35 mm higher and 120 mm separation


: All heavy impurities, grain boys and party, as light impurities are dismissed by the side of the machine, while the other side clean grain classified be obtained. All nozzles come with bolseros to hold the bags.

Tape Download Bulk

It has 4300 mm long, works to strap with rubber paddles like the Bulk Cargo Noria

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  1. Liel pordominsky

    Quiero saber el precio y si tienen usadas tambien

  2. Luis Ángel Hernández Cortes

    Me interesa

  3. Cristian Binnewies

    Buenas noches.

    Preciso de cotizacion de la CE 2000.

    Posobilidad de exportar a Colombia e Brasil.

    Mi numero es +5566996021584

  4. Fernando Miras

    Para limpieza y clasificación de semilla de cebolla???

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