Modelo TR

Modelo TR

The Tamañador TR model has a capacity of 3000 kg / hour approximately, with 3 screens Auto-changeable 4 sizes to extract seeds from different nozzles 7 downloads. His drive with combustion engine provides work in places without power. It is powered by a Ferris wheel with rubber bags.

Additional Information

3000 KG/hour


Divide the seeds in different sizes.

Longht (Español)

De 4500 mm de largo y 1200 mm de Ancho y 2100mm de alto.[:e]4500 mm long and 1200 mm wide and 2100mm high.


650 kg approx.


Made of sheet 3 / 16. Transportable on an axle, with wheels 14 “. Cat launches support for leveling.

Duct internal

Made in Chapa No. 16 discharge nozzle 7 for different seed sizes. It has removable legs .


The cylinder is 630 mm in diameter and 3100mm long. It has an internal host for which advances the material through the various screens. It incorporates 3 screeners 1000mm auto-changeable and are cleaned by higher scavengers so that they do not catch.


internal combustion engine 6.5 HP, with reduced pulleys.


It has a feeder Noria model NAC 3100mm long with pallets rubber. Has two positions:. A transport and other working


The download is by gravity and seven discharge nozzles with bolseros.

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