Noria RL200

Noria RL200

La Noria Model RL200 is used to move vertically bulk material on plastic buckets. It is ideal for filling hoppers, silos and containers vertically working spaces are reduced in factory and warehouses. Thanks to its plastic buckets does not damage the seed because it does not have any rubbing against any surface. This creates durability and efficiency for years of work.

Additional information

20 to 30 tons/hour


To load bulk material.


Up to 13 meters high.

(Español) Peso

Varies depending on length.

Estructura de Conducto

Pants made of sheet No. 16, with 2 tubes of 175 mm. wide by 175 mm. high. This compound piecewise 2400mm long and may be removable. The heads are made of sheet 1/8 "500mm. long each.

Head tensor

in sheet 1/8 "reinforced possibilities be bolted to the surface where you work. Rolo has an internal diameter of 300 mm, which is to regulate the belt tension.

Head control

Built in Chapa 1/8 "reinforced abullonado to be completely removable. Rolo has a 300mm diameter and chevronado gummed so that the belt does not slip.


A wide belt 350mm 340mm A strap. wide, with plastic buckets 115mm x 155mm x 125


: with gearbox Electric 01/10

(Español) Carga y descarga

Punt reception outlet nozzle pipe flange to adapt.

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  1. Guillermo Azcarate

    Buenas tardes, quería consultar por una noria de 3 metros de altura, es para alimentar unas tolvas con semilla forrajera (alfalfa, Lotus, festuca, etcétera)

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