Clasificadora DZF

Clasificadora DZF

The DZF model Grader, is especially used in fixed locations, mostly in warehouses gathering and / or seed treatment sites. Being a machine fixed the only drive that uses are for zarandon and ventilation. Makes 10 T / H Approx. which makes a quick sorting to work in bulk and filled hoppers.

Additional information

10 tons/hour


Cleaning the material to be sorted.


3500 mm long and 1570 mm wide and 2900mm high .


Varies depending on length.


Built completely folded sheet of 3/16 "thick with possibility of abullonar on the floor if you want. It has removable legs 400 and 1000 mm in height to better run the grain if the customer wishes.


Constructed completely folded sheet 1.2mm thick providing strength and durability. Composed of a drawer of 1200 x 1800mm, which contains 1 (one) plane and another drawer zaranda 1200 x 2400mm, which contains 2 (two) planes of equal shakers. This zarandon works with a system of shaking circular allowing the seed encintrar faster the hole in the sieve.


Use spheres rubber 35mm diameter for cleaning the screens and that they do not get stuck.


electric motor 2 HP for controlling the zarandon and 5.5 HP engine to send the fan.


Composed of six (6) internal paddles balanced by a variable speed drive and a screen to regulate the flow of air. Is 1200mm wide and 600 mm in diameter, is constituted with folded sheet of 1.2 and 1.6 mm thick.


This sorting does not possess any type of accessory to feed, leave freely available to the customer. Has a receiving hopper at the top.


All heavy impurities, grain boys and party, as light impurities are dismissed by the side of the machine, while on the other side clean grain classified be obtained. All nozzles are falling by gravity.

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