Crusher Branches CHIP760

Crusher Branches CHIP760

The chipper of branches CHIP760 model is a tough machine that specializes in crushing branches 4 “(100mm) thick. Chips generated and reduces the volume of material to be moved and to reuse the same in different functional areas. It is special for municipal and communal labor on public roads. Elingreso the material to be ground is manual.

Additional Information
Cuting Capacity



work cleaning public streets


2550 mm long and 1000 mm wide and 2200mm high.


500 kg approx.


Made of structural pipe 80 x 40 x 3.2mm. Drawbar for transportation. 1 ½ shaft ends 5/6, with tires 14 “. Ventilated

Superior Structure

Cover made of sheet ¼”, consisting of two covers. Upper inspection cover. 230mm material inlet. x 223mm., with blade 3 ¼ “x 5/8” x 255mm. long made especially adjustable steel.


Made of sheet 1 ¼ “760mm. in diameter, equipped with two blades 3 ¼ “x ¾” x 270mm. . long, double – edged


PTO for tractor with control bar K518 800mm, with safe and freewheeling.. With gearbox, ratio 5: 1. Can come equipped with Explosion motor, and Trifasico electric motor.


It has a Punt load done in Chapa No. 12 large amplitude and slope for a good entry of branches.


Made of sheet No. 16 with handles for rotation of 360 ° . It can be dismantled and its 180mm width makes it perfect for the material can not jam.

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