Vac Leaves AR 5.0

Vac Leaves AR 5.0

Hoover AR5.0 model has a load capacity of 5 cubic meters and can be connected to any type of tractor that contains PTO. It is ideal for cleaning work on public roads for the extraction of leaves, dirt and other debris. Its hydraulic piston causes dump the tank at 50 ° tilt in order to have an excellent discharge of the material. The tailgate is manually operated using 2-piston gas to avoid unnecessary effort.

Additional Information

5 m3


Work cleaning public streets


4300 mm long and 1900 mm wide and 2600mm high.


1050 kg approx.


Made of sheet 3/16 . Transportable on an axle, with wheels 16 “. Cat launches support for leveling and high floating covers.


Made of sheet 1/8 “with dimensions of 2600mm x 1900mm long x 1400mm wide high. This tank has a capacity of 5 cubic meters of charge and has a standard hydraulic piston for discharging the material. At its top a sieve 1000mm long x 1000mm wide with access door is positioned.


Made in Chapa No. 12 with 8 fins same aspiration, coupled to a gearbox 8: 1. Has a diameter of 410mm


PTO for tractor with control bar K518 800mm. With gearbox, ratio 8: 1. Hydraulic hoses piston coupled to any tractor.


It has a flexible hose 3500mm diameter x 150mm long. It is subject to an oscillating flag by springs to reduce manual effort operario.Sujeción with adjustable handle.


It has a flexible hose diameter x 3000mm 100mm long. Its subject is manual.


Tailgate Manual opening with gas pistons at both ends thereof for help opening the door and containment.

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