Curador CR

Curador CR

The model CR Conservator has a capacity of 4500 kg / hour and features 2 nozzles pocketed on the front. This curator lets you work with exact dosages and working with a system which can be spoons interchangeable. Its internal chimango with paddles at the ends generate a uniform mixture all the way, painting each cereal grain in optimal quality.

Additional information

4.500 Kg/hour


It allows the homogeneous curing of any type of seeds.


2100 mm long and 1000 mm wide and 1400mm high


90 Kg. Approx.


Made of reinforced angle 1/8 "with wheels for transportation.

Dossing System

.A swing through changeable spoons (with 3 sets of different sizes).

Storage Liquid

plastic tank 300 Mm. wide by 305 mm. high by 620 mm. long with a capacity of 50 liters.


single phase electric motor 1.5 Hp. 1500 RPM. Gearbox ratio 1:30. Centrifugal pump made entirely of brass.

Loading and Unloading

Reception hopper with flow regulator cap and spout with double outlet for pocketing.

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  1. victor

    como funciona la bomba del deposito del producto de curado

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